"Boogie Woogie Man" set to release January 10, 2012

If you don't want to wait the 3 weeks, you can get a pre-release copy of my new album, "Boogie Woogie Man" from my record label High Tone Music Group.  ClickTHIS LINK to go to there site and order from there secure web servers using paypal for the transaction.  If you are a true iTunes or Amazon or one of the many digital download sites you can get your copy from that retailer.  If you would like to order the disk, you can get that from my website's store at www.bigclayton.com and click the "STORE" button.

These songs are origianl material from Big Clayton and feature the styles of boogie woogie and blues piano, along with one gospel song.  Clayton also plays some stride piano in his song "Striding Along".  Big Clayton's background in Gospel add's that something special and different to his music.  Some call it the soul coming out, but it definatly is felt by all around to hear it.  Big Clayton is currently filing up his calendar with summer and fall tours to help promote the new album.   He is already a part of a Summer tour that will cover the whole US in a 3 month period with 22 scheduled dates.  If you would like to feature this crowd pleasing music at your next event, contact for booking information via the website
www.bigclayton.com and visit the "CONTACT" page and fill out the form.

Boogie Woogie Man by Big Clayton featuring boogie woogie, blues, and gospel piano music

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