Northstar Church, Pryor Oklahoma

On February 26th, 2012 I was scheduled to play at Northstar Church located in Pryor, Oklahoma.  As usual, I arrived the night before and was scheduled to do sound check with the praise band.  The address that was given to me ended up being for the Pryor community center.  Come to find out, they set up their complete stage, lighting, backdrop, back line, and chairs every week while they are developing their new location they just purchased.  All the Sunday School rooms, down to the floor mats, are all packed in weekly.  I was given the grand tour by pastor Roy Evans where he shared about his "Family".  You see, his although his kids worked in the church with him, he was referring about his church family.  This church has grown so much in the few years, single digit, that they have already started a new building process that will house the growing population. 

I was blown away by all the volunteers that showed up and took pride in their church and to think they do this every week.  Two semi trucks fully loaded are packed in and out every Sunday.  I was quick to tell pastor Roy that this comes from his leadership.  I was so excited and encouraged to see this.  It starts at the head in the leadership.

I'm really excited to be back down in Pryor on Easter morning.  It was a great church and anyone looking for a home church in the Pryor area, be sure to check them out.  1111 S.E. 9th Street (Community Center).  Tell pastor Roy I recommended them.


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