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Big Music, Big Laughter, and Big Fun!!

Meet Big Clayton, America’s Pianist, a musical virtuoso whose talent transcends time and genres. Whether he’s enchanting audiences at Branson’s Original Show, The Presley’s Country Jubilee, with the Gospel Sing-a-long Pre-Show or adding his unique touch to the greatest hits of yesterday and today, Big Clayton is undeniably a crowd favorite!

Since 2013, Clayton has been a staple at Presley’s in Branson, gracing the stage with his magnetic presence and skillful piano performances. Before his residency at Presley’s, he captivated audiences at Branson Landing for several years, establishing himself as a musical force in the heart of Missouri.

Not confined to Branson’s boundaries, Big Clayton is now taking his music beyond town lines, showcasing his remarkable talent wherever he goes. Whether he’s on the iconic Branson strip or captivating audiences out of town, Clayton continues to leave an indelible mark with his soulful melodies and timeless performances.

Experience the magic of Big Clayton, where the piano keys become a canvas for musical brilliance, and every note resonates with the passion of a true maestro.