How do you earn the name America's Piano Player?  By being able to reach all ages and people.  This is something Big Clayton has managed to do.  His goal is to let his music bring a joy to your soul, a smile to your face, and a dance to your feet.  Whether being from one of his Boogie Woogie styling songs or to an emotional heart felt gospel song, Claytons goal is to reach his audience.  "Music is such a powerful tool.  It can minister to people without even having to say a word" Clayton says.  "I love to have people come up after my show telling me that I blessed their hearts, or that I have made their trip worth while."  "I love to see a grandpa reach down and start dancing with his grandchild, money can't buy that kind of happiness!!" 

Clayton's roots are in church where he taught himself how to play the piano.  He learned to play with influences like Floyd Cramer, Anthony Burger, Pinetop Perkins, and Ray Charles to name a few.  His Gospel influenced Boogie Woogie leaves people amazed as Clayton tickles the ivories and strides all over the keys.  "I have people often tell me that I missed one of the 88 keys when I play."  People can't believe his speed, how he plays with soul, and they just can't believe he has never had a lesson. 

After Clayton has them hooked with his boogie, he will switch and pull out some killer chops playing some blues.  "Blues originated from the church, and if you ever have played in a church in the south you should be able to feel the blues.  I had the privilege of growing up playing in a church who's song leader sang much like Mahalia Jackson."  Playing in the mixed church is where Clayton got his time to learn to play the Hammond B3 Organ.  So much so that even Hammond has endorsed Clayton as one of their artist.

After much encouragement from his friends, Big Clayton responded to an ad in the paper for auditions as a street entertainer at the Branson Landing in Branson, Missouri.  "I was reading the paper and saw the ad and something just jumped in me that said, almost yelling, "Go".  My family and I made it down there and I was the last one to audition.  I was scared to death.  The two songs I played was When the Saints Go Marching In, and How Great Thou Art.  I was so nervous playing in the outdoor amphitheater in front of those $7.5 Million dollar fountains.  I don't even remember looking up from the keyboard".  Not only did he get the job as a street entertainer for one of the busiest attractions in the live entertainment capital, Branson, but still holds an active position there.  "I still love coming down here after all these years.  It is a great place for me to meet people and get my music heard.  Not only that but I can try out new songs here and get a great vibe off the people if the song will work or not."  The Landing has given Clayton the ability to build confidence in his playing and has taught him how to connect with the audience. 

Playing on the streets has opened many doors for Clayton one of which he is still doing today.  "In the Christmas season of 2012 I got a call while I was playing at the landing.  I normally don't take calls while I'm working, but that same voice in me said to answer it.  I'm so glad I did!!  I almost dropped the phone when the voice on the other end said "Clayton, this is Scott Presley"."  Clayton is now doing the Pre-Show entertainment for the first family of entertainment in Branson at the Presleys' Show.  "How awesome is it to work for the first show in Branson." The show is a Gospel Sing-a-Long which is very fitting for Clayton with his church background. "It feels like we are having a church singing every night now,  I love it."  Big C, as some call him, has since been featured several times on the Presley's TV show on RFD TV and more and more people are falling in love with his ministry.

Even though Clayton has played on national TV, has been heard on radio across the country,and has played for thousands of people, people still get to see a very humble man.   Big C gets to share his testimony every night and is quick to give credit to God for his gift.  "I didn't think God could ever use anybody like me, but I saw a story in the Bible where God used a Donkey.  If He can use one of the most stubborn animals, surely He can use me!!!"  Clayton tells people every night.

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The BIG Show in the winter 

By popular demand, BIG Clayton will be starting his show, The BIG Show back up in Branson, MO during the winter time.  January and Feburary shows will be on Thursdays, Friday, and Saturdays at 2pm.  Clayton is back with his one-of-a-kind mirrored piano playing some BIG hits like Chariots of Fire, Music Box Dancer, Floyd Crammers Last Date, Phantom Of The Opera, and many different styles of music including Boogie Woogie, Blues, Ragtime, Gospel, and more.   Don't miss out and call for reservations today…Read more

The BIG Show - Live in Branson 

After several years of performing for thousands of Branson’s visitors, Ozarks native Big Clayton is taking his talent to the “BIG” stage.  No stranger to entertaining, Clayton has played in front of Branson Landing’s $7.5 Million Dollar Fountain Show for over 7 years and has been doing the Presley’s Gospel Sing-A-Long pre-show for 2 years now.  The fans have been asking for Big Clayton to do a show and now he is going to bring it “BIG” style.   
From his amazing masterful playing of the piano to his…Read more

2015 KWFC Cruise 

Join Clayton Watson and KWFC Radio 89.1 FM as we cruise the ocean!!!

We leave out of New Orleans and sail to Cozumel, Roatan & Belize January 11-18, 2015.  
Enjoy great music and Gospel Singing and Preaching.  Enjoy groups like
The Diplomats, 4 Calvary, New Road, Mark Mathes,  and
America's Piano Player
Clayton Watson

Also enjoy preaching by:

Linzy Slayden
Pastor, Friendship Baptist Church, Owasso, OK

Eddie Bumpers
Pastor Cross Way Baptist Church, Springfield, MO

Mark Milioni
President Baptist Bible College,… Read more

What happened to the piano player on the Jim Bakker Show? 

What happened to the piano player on the Jim Bakker Show? It is true that after being the band director for the show I have decided to pursue some personal dreams and goals. I will certainly miss the band and Tammy Sue Bakker.  I learned so much working their the past two years. 

Meanwhile I will spending my days working in my studio and will still be playing in Branson nightly. 

Needing to feel Inspired? 

We are happy to announce a new project that we have just released called Inspiration.  This CD has an hour worth of "soaking" music.  Soaking music is a fairly new label for this style of music, but it is basically meditation or prayer music.  It is also perfect for background relaxation music.  The best way to describe it is just to let you listen for yourself.  You can head over to the Music or Store page and listen to the samples.  Then you can download the entire album and set your cd player on repeat.