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About Us:
At Great Sounds Studio, we understand that every artist and producer seeks a space where their creativity can flourish. Our state-of-the-art studio is meticulously designed to be that sanctuary – a place where your sound comes to life, where ideas take flight, and where the magic of music is captured.


Gear and Facilities:

Step into a world of sonic perfection with our industry-standard, high-end gear. Our studio boasts analog tubed and award-winning preamps, ensuring your recordings are imbued with warmth and character. From Pro Tools HD recording to Yamaha custom recording drums, our equipment is curated to elevate your sound to new heights.


Comfort and Convenience:
Your comfort is paramount at Great Sounds Studio. Our facility features a spacious and comfortable control room, a live room that provides the ideal acoustic environment, a dedicated drum room for capturing the perfect beats, a convenient mini-fridge sink area, and a private bathroom. We believe that a relaxed and welcoming space enhances creativity.

Easy Access:
Navigating your artistic journey should be seamless. That's why our studio is designed with easy ground-level access at the entrance, ensuring a hassle-free experience for artists, producers, and their equipment.

Our Commitment:
At Great Sounds Studio, we are committed to providing a collaborative and inspiring environment for musicians. Our experienced engineers are passionate about bringing your vision to fruition, ensuring every note resonates with perfection.


    •    Recording
    •    Mixing
    •    Mastering
    •    Drum Tracking
    •    Voiceovers


Book Your Session:
Ready to turn your musical dreams into reality? Contact us to book your session at Great Sounds Studio. Bring your talent, and let our studio be the canvas for your sonic masterpiece.  Let’s create something extraordinary together!

Great Sounds Studio – Where Your Sound Takes Center Stage.



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"Thanks for an amazing  session, Clayton!! Your Great Sounds Studio delivers on the promise of its name."

John Houlihan,

Music Supervisor 

20th Century Studios


Recording Engineer and B3 Organ Part