New weekly live web show

Wanted to talk a bit about my new internet web show I am doing now.  I had a band director from a major TV show as my guest on my first show.  Next week my special guest host will be Jonathan Edwards, a radio DJ from the award winning KWFC radio station.  My idea with these shows is to give my viewers an inside look at the Music Industry and to be able to ask questions and join in on the show.  Users with webcams can even ask their questions live.  For the shy people you can send your message by a special chat feature.  Some shows will feature me playing live music and others will be all about the industry.  Oh ya, you will have plenty of times to laugh.  I don't recall Lindsay Lohan offering this kind of service. 

If you are an industry insider (artist,producer,engineer,label,etc) and want to be featured on the show, visit my website at and visit the contact page and fill out the form.  Use iShow as the subject. 

I will continue to bring in a lot of my stories from the times I spend on the road touring. 

Thanks again,
Big Clayton


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